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Live Dealer Casino - FAQ

1. How does Live Dealer Casino work?
Live Dealer Casino is the next level in online gaming. Thanks to simple web-based software, you can now access a live video feed of our dedicated casino dealers working especially for you.

The dealers are located in a remote studio in Canada and the games are activated easily via the provided casino software. You can participate in the live dealer games and see and hear everything in the studio via a clever pop-up video screen. You don't need any special hardware to use the videos. Simply place your bet and the dealer will start dealing. The dealer will announce the results just like in a real casino. You'll be playing the live online casino against other players from different parts of the world...all from the comfort of your own home.

Multi-Player Game is a game mode integrated into Live Dealer Casino technology to provide a joint game atmosphere. You might want to take a seat before you start betting, so that you can see other players on the same game table just like in a Las Vegas casino. What's more, you can also place a bet on more than one table at a time.

2. What if I get disconnected from Live Dealer Casino?
If you are disconnected from the internet or if you close the game browser, you will be automatically disconnected from Live Dealer Casino. The game will continue to play even if you do not have the casino open and the game results will be processed and any winnings paid. If you are accidentally disconnected during a game, you may reconnect and join the same table.

Live Dealer Casino strives to ensure full protection of all its players and their bets. However, there are certain events that are beyond Live Dealer Casino's control.

If you are disconnected from the Live Dealer Casino server for any reason, Live Dealer Casino cannot be held liable for any losses that may result from this disconnection. The balance of your account is recorded on the Live Dealer Casino server and it will not be affected by the disconnection in any way.

If a line has been disconnected or become unresponsive, the balance of credits recorded on the casino server (after the last bet was completed) will be displayed when you log back in to Live Dealer Casino.

By placing any further wagers with the casino, you accept the results of any previous wager. As such, at Live Dealer Casino's discretion, the results of the previous wager are no longer in dispute and no refunds or other adjustments will be granted. If you feel the result of any of the games is unfair or incorrect, please feel free to contact Live Dealer Casino immediately and report the discrepancy.

All games are played strictly subject to Live Dealer Casino's General
Terms and Conditions.

Important: If there are any confirmed bets on a table, the game automatically selects optimal game play actions for you.

3. What happens if the dealer makes a mistake?
In the unlikely event of a dealer making mistake, the pit boss will be called. If the game can be continued fairly it will do so. Otherwise, the game will be cancelled and all placed bets will be returned.

4. How do I get an alias?
To get an alias (alias type varies from player to player), simply choose one of the following:


  • Random Alias is auto-generated by the system.
  • Fixed Alias is chosen by the player during the first log in and is saved for the all future sessions.
  • Session Alias is chosen by the player every time they log in and expires once player has logged out.

5. How do I select a table?
To join a game table, simply follow these steps:

  • Ensure you are in the Lobby window with a table selection.
  • Click a Game Type tab to select the game type you want to play.
  • Click a Game Tab with the preferred Game Mode.
  • Click the Game Table button to enter.

6. How do I play a game?

  • To play a game, please wait until you see the announcement "please start betting". Then, simply click on the chip you wish to place on the table or select the chip using the Hot Key feature (see below for more about this). This way you can simply click on the table where you want to place that chip. You can remove any chips from the table before confirming your bet by choosing Clear Bets. Be sure to press Confirm before the clock time expires; otherwise, your bet won't count.
  • Depending on which game you play, there may be other actions you need to do. If you are not familiar with the rules of the game you have chosen, you may go to the Game Rules page of that particular game type for reference.
  • You can view your live dealer's actions via the video feed box, as long as the results are shown on screen in the meantime. As with many internet browser windows, simply click the pop-up icon in the top left hand corner of the video feed box to detach the box and move it anywhere you like. The detach button will then be replaced by a re-attach button, which allows the detached video to be returned to its original position.
  • When the result of the round has been determined, it will be displayed on screen. The Balance will be updated immediately and the result will be added to the Game History (if available). You will be informed if you have won or lost and how much. A new round begins once the game announces "please start betting" again.

    The Hot Key feature is a fun and convenient way to place a bet.

    Press the number keys 1–5 to select chips. Each number key corresponds to    one of the chips displayed.    
    Page Up and Page Down can be used to arrange the chips to show chips of lower and higher values.
    Press the R button to re-bet.
    Press the C button to clear bets.
    Press the Space Bar to confirm your actions when prompted.
    Press Esc (web version only) to instantly leave the game table and return to Lobby.

7. Can dealers or the pit boss help me with a question about my account?
Please note that live dealers or the pit boss cannot reply to any questions about your account. They do not have access to your account, payment details or any personal information. Any queries of this nature should be sent to our customer services team: support@triobet.com

8. How do I leave Live Dealer Casino?
For web version, click the X button in the top right hand corner of the screen.